My first month of education in LUNN is passed 😁 The time was very fast 😓I haven’t even noticed it. But the most important thing is information, which I had learnt during this time.

I can divide all this information for 4 groups: vocabulary, grammar, phonetics and general knowledge.


It’s a big list of new words, phrases and idioms also. We had been learning names of nationalities and languages of different countries; new words and interjections.

So, my favorite one is “Hey💥” because it express good emotions and you can say it in different situation, for example when you want to show and tell something cool. 😜The most interesting words for me were thirsty, fare, satchel and faint. I didn’t know these words before. But the most difficult were idioms, it is really hard for me to learn it, especially such as upper crust, whiz-kiz and class act. I don’t know why, but it is so.


The most important topics were have/have got, to like/to look like/to be like and used to/to get used to.

I’ve known rules of using “like” and “use” from school, sorry for repeat.

Well, it wasn’t hard for me..


Firstly, we have learnt a phonetic alphabet!

It was discovery for me, that LUNN uses its own system of labeling sounds.

And I must say this alphabet is difficult in some words😫

Secondly, some reasons for intonation✨

⚜️If it is new information, you should mark it by intonation 🔺It sounds like RAIN

⚜️If it is opinion, you should mark by intonation opposite 🔺It SOUNDS like rain, but it’s not

⚜️If you say anything with contrast, so you make both stressed words 🔺He LIKES rain, but he HATES snow

⚜️CAN’T is always stressed word in the sentence 🔺It can’t rain when there’re no clouds

Thirdly, 4 types of stressed syllable✔️

✅open syllable

✅closed syllable

✅vowel + R

✅vowel + RE

It’s easy to understand, but difficult to memorize label of each sound😕

For example I could not remember “E” in closed syllable 😅


🌟BLOGGING was really new for me, because usually my stories in Instagram are short and are not similar to blogs🤗

Now I’m learning to create blogs of my life and study

🌟ACTING OUT wasn’t new at all, but I hadn’t had plays in English before “The show must go on” 😎 It’s really cool, I want it more and more

DIALOGUES can be in this point because they are also a part of acting for people💃🏼


There are my favorite: I haven’t seen you for a long time🔶just fine🔶Sara, Sara who🔶 nice to meet you🔶 You look terrific, you look very, very terrific ….. etc

No, I’ve known them before, but I like it more during the September 🗯

🌟We had an excursion to America Library and now I can borrow books there☺️

🌟The most amazing thing is that we study without books, all our homework are in the website, it’s perfect for me😻

Now I’m waiting for a lot of surprises from the October 😏