On this post I would like to share my emotions about happening☺️

It’s long enough, I know 😘

The autumn is coming 🍂

I always have mixed feelings in this time of year, because from the one hand it’s so romantic🌾moreover my love story with my boyfriend has started in this period💖from the other hand you have runny nose all the time🤒

The first week of October is gone😳

It is good for education, but not for me, because I should prepare for Miss Freshman LUNN 2016, and I haven’t done anything yet 😒 but I will😎

During the beginning of October, my group had prepared a performance for Freshman Day👯

It was difficult to learn our boys for dancing🙇🏼 But we done it 👌🏻

So we are going to show our on Friday, 14 💥

Everybody is invited 🌟

I spent the first Friday of October with two nice girl and after our gathering we couldn’t go home by bus, because there weren’t any one😾 I had applied my diplomatic skills and agreed with one boy from the bus stop to take a taxi together and divide an account😼 I knew that he lives in one area with us😈

On the first week of October girls from Miss Freshman and I had a not ordinary master class. It took part in tea cafe, but drinking tea was only a part or our class. We were meditating💥💥💥 yeah😁 firstly I didn’t believe in meditation, but know I know that it is exist😌 At the end of it all of us were sleep, but not❗️it was amazing feelings🌀

Now, let’s speak about studying👔

The main event across the week was the Teacher’s Day🎉

We celebrated it with the group of linguists

It was for almost 3 hours 🎀

We have met better during this time🔑

And I really found my soul mate among the linguists, we are both Nastyas and like green apples “Golden”

During the day, we divided into groups and showed books (which we are reading now) for each other📚

The second interesting thing is states


There are 50 states in the USA

I should to say, that it’s difficult to remember all of them😆

But I must

And I will do it🙃

Moreover I’m going to record a video with the song 50 states in the future two days 🌟

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