The highs and lows

It’s the famous American game, when people share their positive and negative parts of the day🙃

But I’m going to tell about my week’s highs and lows 👌🏼

The last week was really hard for me🔥

It was the most difficult week from my studying in University 🙁

It has positive side of course😁

Many positive sides

But unfortunately negative is also exist 😤

The main lows were time, time and again time🕚

I really can’t do anything at time❗️

Because I was really busy with university, a performance for the freshmen party in university and my own performance for Miss freshman

So my partner and I created a dance from 7 pm to 1 am

Night dance is so wonderful for my neighbors

But, really, I try to turn on. music not loud😊

I know, that I can to do all of it

As we say 🌀thoughts are material🌀

The worst thing was that I haven’t recorded my video with the song 50 states yet



The main thing is to believe it🚩

The highs are really cool

  1. My classmates and I showed our performance on the Freshman Day
  2. 2. After this concert we went to the cafe and spent a lot of time, speaking and discussing many things
  3. 3. During the weekend I have met my school friend, who lives and studies in Moscow now
  4. 4. My dance for Miss freshman is almost ready
  5. I guess you are still waiting for my video 😘
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