Cultural information

During this two months I’ve learned a lot of. facts about USA 🇺🇸

Americans always say “errr”

It’s really wonderful sound, it’s really fun and sometimes difficult to pronounce🙂

Some sounds are reduced.

For example: “did you read it?” you will pronounce as “dija read it?”

To be honest, it’s hard for me to speak free with reduction😞

I would like to share with some lines “What the peach, is to Georgia, what the apple is for New York, what the wind is to Chicago…”

I’m really like this words. It shows symbols of some states🍏

The main discovery for me was a big amount of states. As I write in one of the posts, there are 50 states in the USA.

I will send a map with states to this post✔️

So, you can learn where each of states is situated 😏

There are a lot of differences between the states. Each state has its own customs and traditions. Moreover there are different people live in states.

People from Hawaii say “Aloha!” to say hello and bye✋🏼 while people from Texas say “Howdy” 😼

There is not ordinary type of people in USA. They don’t use electricity, they give their children the same names, it depends on their age. They are Amish. Amish are living in the Pensilvania.

I’ve heard about them earlier, but I thought, that they live in the United Kingdom, now I’ve learnt, that there are more Amish in the world.

People in Alaska like chocolate pie and cacao, while cowboys from Texas prefer Tex-Mex🔥

It’s a kind of food, where ordinary goods mix with Mexican spicy seasonings 🌶

California is a state, where live a lot of famous people🌟 because, as we know, Hollywood is situated there💥

Another important thing is. OFFICIAL INFORMATION OF PERSON

There are some points, that is called personal information.

It consists of:

🔹first name

🔹last name

🔹present address

🔹marital status

🔹date and place of birth

🔹office/home/cell phone number

🔹present title

🔹country of residence

Usually people from USA have an ID (identity card). All this information are in it.

Their ID is our Personal Passport.

There are so many points of USA’s culture, that’s why I don’t know what facts I should tell😞

So, I will tell you about it during my other posts 😈

🇺🇸 🇺🇸🇺🇸

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