At the seaside

As I realized I was walking by my self at the sea side, I carried with me a bucket and some toys, as I walk away from my parents I left behind the shelter of their arms. That feeling made me feel complete, I kept walking until I find my parent’s car parked at the beach parking lot. I seat by the side of the car and played with my beach toys and the sand, with the innocence of a child I forgot that I’m by my self. The concept of being by my self start to loose sense. Those are my earlier memories. At that time, with 3 years old, that moment didn’t mean much butI grow to understand that loneliness was not a feeling to be fear of, that my life was not to be fear and that the future should not fright me.

As the opposite of loneliness, love was a feeling that has being with me since I can record. I have loved some many things in some many different ways and that feeling still exiting with me. For some time I believed that love was the most powerful tool ever created, and that it was created to perpetuate our species. With it blindness influence olver our acts it has made us create the most beautiful things. Now I don’t really think I agree with that any more.

Sofia was the personification of that feeling, was the kind of love that could only being possible in Platons theories. She had many different faces and believes. She walked with me through loneliness when I was by my sealf in some random city. Walking on the crowded streets I could see her in somes strangers faces. I could smell her in the pubs at night.

I kept a piece of every Sofia that crossed my life. The intensity of our interactions made some misunderstood me. Each passing Sofia was a almost, a almost that could have been everything.