My Andela Bootcamp Experience Week 2 Day 3

Like every new day, the learning curve becomes even steeper. As the day of project presentation draws near, the amount of work I have to cover increase and the time reduces. That is how my day 3 was. I had planned to redo most of my work including improving the user interface, unit testing, implementing the accepted standards, and doing a better and more informational github ReadMe. As I plan to start working, I was in a dilemma. At some point, I was doubting my skills. I could not differentiate what I knew from what I did not know.

At some point I had a very simple bug that took me in excess of two hours of consultation, research and trying among three learning facilitators. My project was running as expected but was not displaying any views I had called. After several attempts my LF managed to fix it. I had not imported views as expected and The team and the Learning facilitator were there ready to help. These are the bugs you cannot forget and report.

As the day goes by, I am tempted to promise that I will finish in it. As I write this blog, I feel the need to say something to prospect andelans- those who have not come to the bootcamp yet. When you get here, try to learn how to learn. You will realize that you are not competing anyone and your code will need another set of eyes. It goes without saying that the lessons I have learned here are lifelong.

Lessons I get from the Andela Bootcamp so far:

  1. You must consult at any given chance. My LF says that it is better to take a lot of time to consult before venting into something you might not understand. I agree completely with her. I had focused on doing tasks that in the end could have wasted time. I had been working on how to complete all the challenges yet I did not consider the quality of my work.
  2. You must pay attention to every detail especially instructions. More than once I have done work more than twice because I did take my time to understand what was expected of me.
  3. You must know the value of your peers in your journey at the bootcamp. For instance, I could not install pip3 in my linux because I did not know how. I spent much time. I wished I had asked sooner.
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