Boot-camp Self Learning Clinic:My most recent challenging learning experience

Learning — The cognitive process of acquiring skill or knowledge as defined by the English dictionary. It could be as easy as going through some materials and grasping what you need to grasp. It also could be as difficult as watching different videos and still have no idea of the concept that they are trying to drive home. This is the situation i found myself my first day at Andela boot-camp.

The day started of normal, i came in before the speculated time( 8:30am) armed with all the knowledge i could possibly acquire with my limited scope of the entire picture. I had done a Youtube crash course on GIT, and GitHUB ,i had read on JavaScript OOP and Test Driven Development , i had also watched the videos they sent me so there was no way they could possibly catch me unaware and i was sure i would be getting into the fellowship. However before the end of the day we were no longer scratching the surface of Test Driving Development and GIT but we were writing GIT commands and given tasks to write unit test cases with Jasmine.

It all seemed easy at first until i got home and began to attempt to actually create unit tests with Jasmine which was my take home assignment. The challenges were such that i began to question my own intelligence, i was no longer certain that i could make it on first attempt. I abandoned Jasmine and proceeded to write my function with JavaScript to generate prime numbers using Sieve of Eratosthenes Algorithm, once again i was stuck. I went back to YouTube and watched over 4 videos that explained the concept and all this info just seemed to clash in my brain and made me more confused.

Finally i was able to write my function after 4 hours if study and i began to test it using certain input parameters(I couldn’t get Jasmine to work yet) Now certain inputs weren’t generating the output i expected this posed yet another challenge i was refactoring my code-up until 2:00AM.

However I have decided to adopt a growth mindset persist in the face a challenge, i view the task as an opportunity to add to my skill set and grow. I am aware that failure is an investment with compound interest, even if i fail at learning; i simply need to clear my head and come back later on.

The expert in anything was once a beginner but this has been my most challenging learning experience up till date given the time frame. As the day goes I will keep you posted on my experiences on my journey to become a world-class developer.