Home Sessions — Day 1: My Experience So Far

To become a World Class developer, you would face situations where you need to use unfamiliar code to build something, this is the situation Andela has constantly immersed us since we arrived the boot-camp.

Learning so far has been something like climbing a steep curve (mountain). Monday 15th May 2017 was the first time i ever heard of Jasmine in my entire life. In fact when it was mentioned, for a split second i wondered why this man would mention the name of a girl while we were discussing something serious then i realized it was a Testing Framework an i was supposed to grow from novice to expert before the end of the day.

I couldn’t get Jasmine to work for the whole day and a greater part Tuesday 16th May 2017 until i understood module.exports in Node.js, ie exporting encapsulated code so that its methods can be utilized in other files that import them.

I was very proud of my self when i achieved this. As a demonstration of one the #EPIC values of Andela; collaboration, i wrote a short tutorial to aid fellow bootcampers who were also having problems with Jasmine.

There was no time to pat my self on the back though because bootcamp tasks for Home Sessions — Day 1 were already waiting to be done and its a new challenge all together. I had to go back to the basics to learn how to know if a set of Numbers is Arithmetic Progression or Geometric Progression so as to be able to implement an algorithm for a function that identifies if an array of numbers is AP or GP.

I knew what to do but i didn't know how to really implement my idea, But that's why we have teammates. His input was as simple as use a for loopand i was able to complete that task. For this reason collaboration has been added to my belief also slack is a wonderful piece of software.

In conclusion the experience so far has been great although it is easy for one to lag behind but i am aware of the fact that the road to success is always under construction therefore it is not smooth and you need extra effort to move ahead.