Home Sessions — Day 3:My Experience So Far.

If Success was easy every one would have it.I have spent the last 3 days solving algorithmic problems and i asked myself “Do i really want to become a coder?” After slight deliberation my answer was still yes I’m excited to make a life out of coding.

This is the reason why i didn't give up when i was stuck in the OOP section of Andela home-study coding lab i had to take a one week break to do a short youtu.be course on Python OOP by Corey Schafer. One of the challenges of being a successful programmer is that you are constantly learning. Tech evolves, and even when it doesn’t the problems you are solving often require new tools.Challenges are a ladder to success.

Do you guys remember the code that kept me up till 3:00am yesterday? Yes, uou remember. I haven't still been able to get a working code on my JavaScript OOP . Understanding prototypal inheritance from documentation is one thing , implementing a function in an elegant way is another. I left the task to focus on other tasks so as the day progressed i was able to complete my coding labs for today and moved on to the task that mandated we make a convincing clone of any website of our choice.

I was tempted to attempt to clone google.com because it seemed like an easy one an but in a second taught i realized that the fastest way to becoming a Code Monkey following the path of least resistance so i picked something that is a bit more challenging but doable within the limited time frame. I am glad i did because i have been able to get a better understand of the float, clear and overflow concept in CSS.

//Link to the webpage http://www.searchsight.com/time-warner-cable

Andela boot-camp experience has been wonderful so far , i have learnt a lot being able to interact with really smart minds plus my BFA who has been supportive. Today marks the last day of the home sessions and what tomorrow will bring is uncertain therefore i feel a bit of anxiety but i am also excited because i will soon finding my diamonds.

I will keep you posted on how tomorrow goes , the new challenges it came with and what i learned from them. #EPIC

The wonderful WorkSpace Andela made available to me #EPIC