I’m constantly surprised by how poorly socialized common good co-working practices are. Here is a list.

  • If the person has headphones on, do not walk up to them and start talking. Headphones are a sign of being in the zone. Feel free to educate any and everyone that violates this law.
  • If the person is typing, let them finish typing before you start talking to them. No one wants to resume a sentence after a conversation.
  • Do not shake someones chair to get their attention. That is just annoying. If someone shakes your chair you’re allow to put forth a strongly worded threat.
  • Want someone’s attention? Send them an IM. Let’s be honest we’re surrounded by technology to aid in communication. If they don’t have their alerts switched off and you disturb them, that’s their problem not yours.
  • Speak quietly, even when it’s social. There’s literally no reason your chit-chat about fashion trends on the Real Housewives of Atlana should distract someone else a few tables away. If you have a deep voice, consider this even more — it carries farther.
  • Don’t jiggle your legs. It shakes everything around you. If you’re anxious go and be anxious somewhere else. Better yet, go for a walk to destress yourself.
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