How Reekita Gala Changed The Virtual & Augmented Reality Movement

When it comes to virtual reality, most people assume it’s tech that will be almost entirely used for gaming. With the invention of Google Cardboard and Ocular Rift gaming, it’s easy to see how people would get that impression.

VR games have long been the thing of science fiction, and watching it come to life has made many people feel thrilled. Fun as gaming may be, one woman is proving that virtual and augmented reality aren’t just tools for gamers. As Reekita Gala proved, VR and AR tech can be the a new way to help advance medical practices.

A Movement Is Born

When Reekita Gala found out that her grandmother was diagnosed with cancer, she felt helpless. Due to the fact that she was in the US on a visa that was still undergoing renewal, she couldn’t actually leave to her home country to see her grandmother. She began to wonder how tech could solve this problem, and soon, she realized that virtual reality could allow her to see her grandmother.

It became clear to her that virtual reality had a lot more potential than what gaming companies seemed to think. Virtual reality wasn’t just about games; it was a way to aid communication and also illustrate what you’re talking about.

Using her savvy as a marketer, Gala began her own company dedicated to using VR tech as a way to enhance marketing efforts, improve sales, and also streamline business practices.

People Noticed

The idea of using virtual reality as a marketing tool isn’t a new one, but actually taking it to the level that Reekita did is. Rather than just offer virtual reality programs, Reekita made a point of educating clients on the uses of VR and how they can best benefit their businesses using this new tech.

In the spirit of virtual reality, Reekita’s courses are all done virtually—so that anyone, anywhere can learn how to harness the power of VR and AR tech for their business. Her “education first” technique is exceedingly rare in a field that often assumes that business owners will be knowledgeable about the subject.

“I keep getting clients who tell me we have never come across anyone who is training others on how to use VR, AR or MR technologies for Marketing and sales Strategies,” she said in an interview with Authority Magazine.

As her business grew, her reputation did, too. Her work has been featured on major networks like NBC, and her name as a major influencer has become increasingly prominent in the tech field.

A Medical Trailblazer

Reekita’s unique take on virtual reality didn’t stop at the possibility of improving companies. In recent months, she also has started toying with the idea of using virtual reality as a way to help doctors cure diseases and streamline medical testing procedures.

Today, she’s starting to reach out to others who can help her help doctors. Should Reekita become successful at bringing VR to the forefront of medical practice, she could literally save thousands of lives every year—if not millions.

The Future Of VR Is Female

Along with creating a highly successful VR marketing company and working to help cure disease using VR technology, Reekita has also managed to accomplish one other thing that’s worth noting. She has proven that STEM can be a girl’s field—and that, without a doubt, the future is female.