The Shitlord’s Guide to Destroying Twitter Stock Price and Restoring Free Speech
jason glado


Totally support the cause, but you sound very naive. There are many things that go into a stock price. You can’t just drive it down with hashtags! haha

Look at TGT stock. Not one person who participated in that legit boycott has changed their mind. But, Target has SOARED lately. An existential event no one foresaw — the Orlando nightclub bombing — took the steam out of that anti-trans sentiment and the stock rose ever since.

You have so little control over this type of event, and the millions others like it. And twitter is possibly the worst company to try and drive down. I would think a savvy investor would jump at buying it on a discount. It has a name recognizability that’s already worth more than it’s market cap. Add to that it’s existent user base and it would be a bargain. And, like the WAPO before it, do you think TWTR would sell to ANYONE but a fellow lefty. This seems like a doomed project.

And, again. I totally agree with you on both the reason twitter should be crushed and the fact that it should be crushed. So what. I agree with the TGT protesters too.