*I’m sure this will get lost in the “I don’t care about Politics attitude” we tend to have these days, but take a break from watching Kim Kardashian doing some stupid ass shit and rock with me to listen to some real talk.

💯From the Movie “Traitor”

Don Cheatham: Oh I’m a terrorist now?
FBI Agent #1: You tell me, you’ve been selling them explosives. 
DC: I sell to whoever has the money to buy. Like the United States Government. 
Fed #2: Only ours don’t kill innocent people. 
DC: Oh yeah, they do genius. The People just usually have darker skin.

You can love your Country but not love your Government, it’s lines like that which force you to think. The Heart cannot always stop the Head from bad decisions; I’d say the Heart

❤ of our Country is The American People

, and the head is the Federal Government.

The American People are by and large good hearted people, unfortunately our government tends to be filled with money hungry idiots; who through a combination of incompetence and corruption have caused more problems around the World then I would care to name (funding the Mujahadeen against the Soviets, proxy wars slaughtering millions and assassinations of rightfully *and democratically* elected leaders across the Globe) . That’s sad, because so much of the Globe holds US responsible for our Governments actions.

The American People lost control of their government a long time ago, that’s the truth. We may not be responsible for what the rich and powerful are doing… But we have a duty to speak up PEACEFULLY, you think your voice is unheard and won’t do anything but every voice that speaks the truth united with its fellows across the world… That my friend, can make all the difference needed.

United we stand, Divided we fall.

Don’t lose hope and your idealism because it seems like the bad guys always win, we’re the heroes of our own stories. By not losing site of who we are and garnering power and influence as we get older and stronger/more connected; we don’t have to be the “lost generation of milennials” that everyone thinks we are.

We. Can. Make. A. Difference.