Not Interested in commenting on the rest of the Article; there’s one part in particular that caught my attention:

"Last night, popular US Teen Vogue writer Emily Lindin tweeted this to her 22,000 followers: 'Here's an unpopular opinion. I'm not actually at all concerned about innocent men losing their jobs over false sexual assault/harassment allegations.'

So yes, for some people like Ms Lindin, just being a man right now is enough to warrant a career and life being wrongly destroyed."

Ayo, how is this Bitch still Employed? She writes for Teen Vouge and gets to say that and keep her job? You're kidding me right?

Where's the Outrage? Where's the Media? Oh right I forgot; we're Men, we don't matter. At all.

There is truth in Equality. True Equality. That's what I believe in. Equality for Boys, Men, Women, Girls, Transfolks, Mothafuckas who Identify as Aliens or some shit. I really don't give two shits, I'll stand by you and your right to speak.

But Men have been fired and Crucified by the Media for saying much less than this.. "Emily Lindin"; someone should be Crucifying her! (Metaphorically and in the Media, I'm sure someone will take that last sentence literally 🙄🙄😂😂).