(Requested) My Personal Ostomy Pouching System (ONLY SEVENish LEAKS OVER A 4 YEAR PERIOD!!)

I know how hard it can be to find a good system that actually works, so because mine has worked well for me I decided I could help out by putting some examples up


Also it’s World IBD Day so do me a favor and if you don’t know what Ulcerative Colitis/Crohn’s Disease and Bowel Disorders are in general please run a quick Google Search and spread the awareness! It makes more of a difference than you realize, just with each person who knows and understands a little more about what these diseases and Ostomies are!

If you like my videos or articles you can check out my blog @ Ostomybagswag.com; where I’m planning on putting up a lot more Articles on both dealing with IBD and it’s related Diseases as well as Technical Issues/Social Issues and Anecdotal Experiences that apply as well as dealing with Anxiety and Depression (especially while still growing up/navigating your 20’s, which is not the easiest thing on the planet even if you’re 100% healthy and have no issues whatsoever).

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