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As scientists proved, mind doesn't see a big difference between imaginable and real. That means if you can focus on imaging doing something (for example facing a tiger in the jungle), your mind and body will experience very similar chemical reactions as you’d do that in real.

Now let’s think about computer games (especially VR). We play a computer game which we see, hear and interact with. It may be so real that some people get very real emotions when playing them. The simple questions appears: does the video game affects our mind? I think definitely yes.

Every single emotion…

tl;dr In this article I present my view on the future of human genome modification and how that would impact our society.

In the future human capital may be the main valuable thing on the planet. It is already like that. As the production becomes cheaper, the one who will win is the one who will be smarter, one who will filter, invent and understand faster. Taking into account that our human body is very limited we may see a big shift towards increasing human capacities in the near future (life longevity, health, intelligence). Most of the people are talking…

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tl;dr In this article I introduce you to my thoughts about reality, universe dimensionality, time, units of measurement, small particles disappearing and many others. If you try to understand what is time and how it behaves, try to read till the end, the challenge is not easy.

Our three dimensional reality may be just a part of bigger multidimensional world. That is what recently many scientists say, but most people don’t understand. …

Volodymyr Ostruk

Programmer, scientist, futurist, psychologist, creativity expert, digitalization enthusiast. Thinking out of the box

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