Learn more and get more sleep with Firefox for iOS

I often have trouble falling asleep because as I get more tired, I get irrationally obsessed with the answer to an unimportant question. This results in a variety of searches on different websites, like Craigslist, Wikipedia, Car and Driver, and lately, the Pokémon Go DB.

I waste a lot of time going to different websites to get a search done, which is why I love the newest version of Firefox for iOS. It’s easier to show than to tell, so let’s say I’m trying to understand how to evolve my Eevee in Pokémon Go. I go to www.pokemongodb.net and tap on the search box on the web site.

Immediately above the keyboard there’s a magnifying glass:

Once I tap that magnifying glass, I’ve created a new search engine.

From now on, I can search for new Pokémon right from the Awesomebar. All I do is tap the new Pokémon icon that appears right under the search I entered.

Now I can find out how to turn that Eevee into a Jolteon, which is the sort of thing I need to know at around 1:30 in the morning.

You can create custom search engines from practically any search box on any website, and I’ve created custom search engines for all sorts of sites, like the New York Times and Velonews.

My questions get answered, and I get to drift off to a sleep untroubled by burning questions. Firefox for iOS is also excellent for trivia or just generally seeming smarter than the people around you. There are lots of other great things about it, including a whole new user interface, better performance and stability, and many new features, including the groundbreaking ability to close all tabs. Give it a shot and get some well deserved rest.