No. Stop. Don’t fiddle with the UI without addressing the core user-facing issue with Firefox, and…
Filip Wieland

The Context Graph work is done in parallel with the Quantum and E10S work that is focused on making Firefox faster and more responsive. It’s a different set of people, with a different set of skills, and it’s a tough enough problem that we have to start now. But I can’t agree more that if we don’t have a browser that people can use to just do what they do today, we’re dead. And we’re spending enormous time and effort on making sure that doesn’t happen. In a few months, we’re going to roll out multiple content processes in Firefox, which you can see today in our Nightly build. It makes a dramatic difference in responsiveness and if you’re a little adventurous, try it out- the pref is dom.ipc.processcount and try setting it to somewhere between 4 and 8. (This will be automatically allocated in release)

Quantum and E10S are essential to our relevance and survival today, and Context Graph is ensuring we don’t ask our users to wait for years for the next big thing to come from Firefox.

As for PWA Manifests on Android, we would love to, but Google has restricted the ability to do this to Chrome only.

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