How to keep the underdog mindset.

Even as a pop culture movie “Rocky” has a lot to teach us, the story of a nobody that gets a once in a lifetime chance to fight with the champion and thanks to being an underdog achieves the victory.

But we’ve heard that story too many times, the hero’s curve type of story, but this post is not about that, the real lesson to me in the Rocky Saga starts when he’s already the champion, when he’s on the top.

Let’s go a little through the story:

*Spoiler Alert (c’mon it’s 2015!)*

He beats Apollo (twice) after that he defends his tittle a few times and starts to relax, to get comfortable, this by being a celebrity thanks to the fame he gained by being the champion, he doesn’t even realize that his contender (Clubber) is getting closer and closer to the top, and when he fights against him (Clubber — the new underdog) he gets his ass kicked on the ring!

The lesson here is:

Wanna stay on the top? Then you can’t afford to relax, keep the underdog mindset that took you there.

Ok, but how?

1.Designate someone of your trust to get advice.
After Clubber manages to get the opportunity to fight with Rocky, his coach (Mickey) recommends to avoid the fight. He knows Clubber is in better shape and is a better boxer than Rocky at the moment.

-If you fight he’s gonna kill you!

Mickey’s able to foresee this because he’s been on the streets watching low rank fights and keeping track of other fighters while Rocky was busy signing autographs.

2. Don’t take your abilities for granted. This is an old one (The turtle racing the rabbit) but keep an eye on it, while Clubber was hungry to show what he was made of Rocky was confident that he didn’t needed to train so hard because he was the champion. He should’ve listened Micky but well that’s the 3rd point.

3. Be as humble as you were at the begining. Yeah, Rocky had been warned. But his ego made him confident and he didn’t took serious his contender and the advice of his trainer… And the rest is history.

Luckily Rocky manages to realize all of this things after being defeated, but he could’ve avoided all that pain, so can you.


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