Why Erykah Badu’s Opinion Is Dangerous
Dominique Matti

Good piece. It’s especially good to read from a father’s perspective. I have a question, though.

You would know best, of course, since he was your uncle but would it be his words or his intentions that you now label as dangerous?

It seems to me that he might agree with you (I’m hoping) that you indeed should be empowered to dress and look as you feel. However, the only factor that he can have a direct and immediate influence on in this whole equation is the people whom he is directly responsible for — you and your cousin. If he could, I’m sure he would wave the magic wand to make all men everywhere not do the things you described…but he can’t. For better or for worse, he might be left trying to change what little of the big equation he can so as to, in his mind, keep that treatment you described from men to a minimum.

It seems there might be a small redeeming factor in this — taking care of family the best way you know how. However, I understand how his actions would make you feel the way you described.

As the father of a boy, he will definitely learn not to do the things you described. As the father of a girl, I want to raise an independent and self-empowered individual. But I still want them both to be safe wherever they go and they’re the only two I can really have sway over.

I’m a bit torn here. Talk me down.

Again, a good piece.

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