Ebb and flow

Soft goodbyes tumbled out of your mouth,

slipping through my fingers like grains of sand,

doomed to be washed out by the tide.

You drifted onward at the speed of life,

swept away by endless tomorrows.

When wheels bade farewell to asphalt,

and fields retreated before your eyes,

and cars resembled toys we used to play with,

did you think of me?

When your ears became acquainted with

the clack of pointed shoes on polished marble,

and your feet learned to step in rhythm

with the swing of a leather briefcase,

did you remember me?

I tumbled into the well of memory

searching for you, searching for

the wishes we once kept in our pockets,

the dreams we stored in glass jars

and counted on rainy days.

I clung onto a ladder built out of words

you whispered to soothe me when I was afraid

and warm me when I shivered at night,

words that had dried up inside me,

waiting, withering,

words that were no more.

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