#30DaysWritingChallenge — Day 13: Thing I Am Excited About

It always excite me to be able to watch certain people to take action, to speak up their thought, and show up their emotion. These people most likely has a compelling quality about them. They take measured action, they speak logically and in a convincing way, they show their true emotion which people able to empathy with.

Their conduct, speech, and expression is just be able to stimulate my curiosity enough to wonder, what is actually people like that are thinking so that they could do what they do. I am propelled to emulate them since I find what they do are prominent.

I wonder how could someone like Warren Buffet think about the stock market like what he did and gain a tremendous profit from there. I wonder what my previous leader was thinking about so that he could give a probing command towards my colleague. They just seems like do it naturally and I was really surprised when I hear their way of thinking

To be able to hear their thoughts, reasoning, and thinking structure was able to excite me, maybe more than it was suppose to be. Since I found out about this excitement, I tried it again to learn and listen on how other people are thinking. The results make me daze, since It was true. I got excited whenever I hear and learn on how other people are thinking, feels, and make their decision.