#30DaysWritingChallenge — Day 14: My Favorite Movie I Never Get Tired of Watching

source: Secret Life of Walter Mitty screenshot

It is not a hundred percent my favorite movie, however it is by far the one and sole movie I have watched more than watch for the fact that it always inspire me every single time I go back to the movie and see how much familiarity I have on the imagination part and how much imagination stir up within me to aspire doing crazy adventure like in the movie.

Secret Life of Walter Mitty has its special scene in which Walter Mitty do long-boarding to travel some distance and it is one of the scene transpire me to do even more with my life in a free yet planned mind. The theme song on that scene shows it freedom. How he ride through the road shows how I could travel my way to the future. How good is he in long-boarding means how much he has fortuitously has prepared all of it beforehand.