#30DaysWritingChallenge — Day 2: Thing Someone Told About Me that I Never Forget

Every single day of our life is a constant stream of information and talking. It is just that there are too many things you are told about in one day and probably you never really take remarks of what other said to the deepest level and 100% keep it in my mind for all the time.

It happened to me and I of course do ever forget thing that someone told about me. However the first remarks I remember when think about today’s challenge is as quoted below

“Gwendy, you are NOT the smartest nor the most diligent people I ever met. However, you are one of the few people that embrace their mistakes and learn to improve from it.”

It is quite a short sentence and only being said casually by a certain someone while we walk-talk. However, it really made my day. It shows that he appreciate my stubbornness and perseverance in getting things to be right even for the facts I did mistake to do so.

I easily remember it because it feels that I have done a lot of mistake in my life, wrong decision, wrong point of view, wrong action, wrong saying, wrong plan, even wrong mindset.

But, things that made me remember his words is because he implied that I have unlimited potential to be a better person. I do necessary mistakes to learn things. I experiment my way to be right. I try to do the right thing.

I do believe every single person has this quality (including you who read this), but to have someone reminding you that you have this quality is an encouragement to try even more and do my best since I have someone who got my back and feels okay with my mistake.

In addition, there are some words that I remember while write this and would like to share with you.

You are like a beautiful moon who can not see itself. — Certain someone

I hope it is true, but if so, you are like the radiant sun.

Ignorance is a bliss and you could be so ignorant. — HN

Ignorance could be a way to forget bad things and focus on the present time.. I think. But, I could see the point you made and have tried to improve myself in this aspects

You are too naive to easily believe people.— AP

I do believe that every single person in this earth has their own kindness and positive quality. By believing in them, I know I could see their positive quality.