Behind the curtains of the orderly capital of Seoul stands a grittier, darker universe — the district of Jongno, where the 1981 born Korean photographer Seong-Heon Choi goes roaming the streets in search of some stringy happenings.

Some encounters can be a chance for a trigger, the birth or maybe more of a catalyst for a common passion. This is what happened to Alice Legendre and Quentin Dève, a couple of Parisian photographers, who eventually ended up buying those analog cameras they’ve been thinking about without daring to when they met.

Searching for Realities through Unseen Specters

I was born in France but I currently live in Kyoto, Japan, where I moved eight months ago after traveling and living in many countries such as Kyrgyzstan, Djibouti, and the United States. I always have had this lasting and sharp interest in the culture (and subculture) of this country, from its movies and literature to its photographers and music.

The sole idea of images, or perhaps of picturing things as they might be, has always been my obsession. I realized at a young age that what interested me was not what was obviously displayed, but what was suggested —…

The world looked at me
In an aristocratic way when
The proper words unleashed
My mouth, tearing up
That breath that blew
The face of
Its night

My tongue is a boundless ebb
Leaking into the polished facades of rocks
As strong lavas
As stagnant waters
I ripple

In the foreseen summits
Still that crown shyness
In my rib cage
A diamond splintering

Letting the world’s outlines
Redrawing themselves
Letting the days pass
Out screens

You who beheld
That great quixotic inferno
Inside me
I know you’ve been talking to yourself

You say
We are full of chemistries
I say
We are…

Oswald Wittower

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