Osykhena Okpokpa

Photo by Bill Jelen on Unsplash

Do you know, you alone are your limitations?
Your boundaries are only a mental picture;
How fast, how far, how wide, how deep, how high you go
Is how much liberty you give your mind and soul.
Give your imaginations wings
Fly away, there are no boundaries
Let your mind light the path to your feet,
Long may be the trek, but there’s no limit!!




Writing a poem of fourteen lines to you
Is like describing you in fourteen phrases.
How can I say enough when I’ve just wasted two.
Now, I’m just left with ten tiny spaces.
While I speak of my flaws, lines waste away
Like a good painter who complains of his brush;
Or like a good sculptor before his lump of clay
Who wants to mold a queen but fears his rush.
The reason is this: the greater your worth
The greater task I have, the lesser success.
Who am I then to summon courage and venture forth
To describe with pen a priceless princess?
To describe you, I would have to steal from all the lines
Solomon used to woo all his wives and concubines.



Photo by We-Vibe Toys on Unsplash


Skilful are your hands

As they strike on these notes

As if a thousand bands

Are singing love’s choral quotes


You play fast and slow

And I turn side to side

From my navel the ripples that flow

Culminates into a tsunami tide


Your tickling touch

Your caressing healing

The way you press on my clutch

I’m on a highway speeding


Press my button

While I watch your play station

When done, pass your baton,

So I take the next action.