Kid, You Have A Heart

I was living. Wrong, being kept alive. My time in this world was over, yet, I was being held back. I’d lived my life to the fullest with ‘no ragrets’, yes, I was wild. A sinner as you may call me. But yeah, this sinner had his time too….Was seventeen when they told me that my heart, was tired of doing what it should do. So some machines helped it do what it was supposed to. Was kinda sad, but I managed, but no, things can’t always work the way you want them to, so eventually, I had to be admitted. Mr Heart was beyond any help now, I needed a new one. I never did good, so yeah, I DIDN’T HAVE A HEART TO BE HONEST. And dad said, have a heart, still makes me cry.

My time was running out, but what can one say, rich dad, had a lotta money. And time is money. So he bought as much as he could. Didn’t get any visitors, was just dad and mom. Guess being bad kinda affects that. As it was, I couldn’t bear my existence anymore, I tried to terminate myself. But thanks to the eavesdropping nurse, my attempts were futile. Damn, can’t one have some privacy even to speak to oneself? But no, death wanted to be slow, she wanted to play with me, sweet little bitch…..Whoops! On my last day, dad came by me, with my favourite juice (no beer, because you know why). I dragged his necktie, pull him closer and I spoke into whispered in his ears, “Listen, you did as much as you could, you gave me what I wanted, but you can’t anymore, so stop it. I can’t bear to live like this anymore. Listen closely, there are some things that I need to set right. As my last wish, you’re gonna help me fulfill it. You know, I don’t have a heart, as it is. But I do have a good body, with functioning organs. AND I WANT TO SHARE IT WITH OTHERS! So get the necessary forms, and euthanise. Feel proud because that’s a big word that I know.”

He started crying, went out of the ICU, talked to mom…Both came near me, and kissed my forehead. I bade them farewell. Last thing that I remember doing in that world. And then, my strength gave away, my eyes closed…..I crashed.

The good part begins now….

I opened my eyes and I was stoked. Man the place was clean, really clean! Everything was lit. There was a newspaper near my bed. The headline read, “Teen’s final wish saves five”. And there was a picture of me there (honestly, they could’ve chosen a better one)

I got up, curious as I was to the foreign environment, I started walking towards a gate….A dude with a familiar beard accompanied me. He said, “Congratulations kid, you’ve made it!” And I weirded out. Made it to what? Was this a race? To see who kicks the bucket first? If yes, then yeah I made it. I cried out to him, “I don’t have a heart damnit, what use do you have for me now? Without the heart I am nothing! Nothing!” He hugged me gently, and wiped my tears. We walked towards the gate slowly. Trumpets blew and woah, that was a grand welcome for an ass like me.

I asked, “Can you explain what’s going on? Is this some kind of a joke?” He replied, “celebration”. And then all of a sudden, I felt something strong. My chest, it felt like it was gonna burst. I touched it. I didn’t say anything anymore, he came to me and said, “Have a heart kid”