Kids in Love — Right or Wrong

“It tickles”, she said gleefully, “the way you kiss my neck, I feel special.” “That’s the aim”, he replied as he continued. It’d been month, since they’d been sharing life with each other.

The day was normal, both hanging out at the usual place, the bedroom, on the bed…..Reading silly things, surfing through memes and everything that teenagers do. But this day way was a bit different than the average days, between sharing intimacies and affection, the spirit of intellectuality sneaked past. They continued playing around but it came to a pause as they both felt different. Both paused for a couple of minutes, then she broke the ice, “Say, what do you have to say about the things that we do? Isn’t all of this sinful and wrong?” To live up the mood, he said, “Well, if you say that, then almost sixty nine percent of my life has been wrong and sinful, hahaha, I don’t mind that, the elders say that, and I don’t mind ’em too.” “Well, you’re right about that”, she said as she laughed hard, “I’m no god’s child either, I just enjoy doing what we do, dunno why but yeah I have fun. Reality is a pain so is uncertainty!” “Well, I can’t predict the future nor can I alter it, our future I mean, but it’s all part of growing up. I don’t even know if we’ll be together after a year. That doesn’t mean that we have any restrictions on fun”, he said as he tried to sound intellectual. But she just had to say, “Well, given our ages, I’m turning sixteen next month and you’re seventeen already, doesn’t that make you kinda…..?”, “Kinda pedo you mean?”, he completed and she interrupted, “Nuuuuu, you aren’t, it’s just that of anything goes wrong you’ll be held responsible.”

It was the complete truth, it was painful, she regretted saying that, to make up, she shoved his tongue down his throat and he kissed her forehead in reassurance. She asked, out of habit, “Why me? You deserve someone better, you shouldn’t even be here right now, you should be with someone hotter who can treat you better.” The young gentleman replied, “My feelings resonate with you, you intrigue me. I’ve got more phrases, which I won’t use to bore you. I love you, and that’s it, I know that I seem unreal to you, but that’s how I am. Please don’t over think it, you’ve give me a lot, I can’t thank you enough, so I’ll just kiss you again my cute girl…” and he cuddled up with her. “Why do you do this boy?”, she asked and he answered “Because you!” They continued playing in bed, they didn’t think about the future or about morality.

They’ll continue, should we judge? Personally, I won’t, it’s thier youth, let em have it. Will the elders, oh yeah they’ll mind and they’ll deem it malign. Do they care, no.

Moral: You only live once.