The Male TEARS

We train our boys to not cry, since their childhood, we scold ’em by saying, “Men don’t cry! Are you a girl?” It’s really disturbing, because, as the child grows, there is mental development, however, sensitivity goes for a toss, which in turn creates undesirable individuals (I won’t even call them men) So here’s something which popped into my mind….. The first one is a conversation between a six year old boy and his mother, the next is a stereotype, seen many times among teenage, in which we see the same boy, along with his elder sister this time…. The third conversation takes place between two men, real men, gentlemen, the boy who is an adult now and his father.

Mommy! Mommy! Is crying an unmanly act? Are girls the only ones who are allowed to cry? No son, why do you say that? Everyone makes fun of me mommy! I was hurt the other day, couldn’t help but let out a cry, didn’t know that made me a girl! There child, come here, mom’s here, cry all you want…….I’ll let you in on a little something. Crying doesn’t necessarily decide your manliness. It’s just that the world we live in doesn’t give you the right to cry. Child, you’re just a boy now, as you grow you’ll have to grow stronger. Tears are somewhat a special power…… mustn’t waste it on the unworthy, it’s perfectly fine to cry, just learn to hold back your ‘special powers’ out there. You’re still mommy’s hero, whenever you feel like it, come to me and use those ‘special powers’, you’re always welcome THE WORLD THAT WE LIVE IN IS A CRUEL PLACE. So, I guess after I’ve said all of this, surely you’ll understand…….yes mommy! I’ll grow up to be a gentleman!

Hey sis, that movie was so good, the ending made me cry! Couldn’t hold back! Hey look, it’s the wuss, leaks all the time, even when he’s happy!! Haha, such a girly boy!! Don’t mind them brother, they’re just a bunch of jerks, there’s nothing wrong with crying when you’re happy, your girlfriend didn’t say anything it, so why sweat over it? Ohk sis, as you say…… Hey look, look at that, what kind of a teen does that? Haha! There there, let’s go……

Father, do I have the right to shed tears? Life’s played a lot with me, which wasn’t too pleasant I’ll say!! Why is life such a bitch!?! I understand don, it’s perfectly fine, no one has the right to take away your tears, nothing wrong with letting all of that bitterness out through those beautiful eyes……Thank you father, it feels better now, I can face the ugliness again now, thanks for reviving me. Son, whenever life gives you shit, your eyes give you tears, if you aren’t getting those, then you’re really something or something’s really wrong with you. Be it a breakup, a loss, failure, dissatisfaction, tears let you wash all the pain away better than any drug out there, a shoulder speeds up the healing. Just remember this, there’s a time and place to use those years, one simply doesn’t go around showering the surroundings with his bitterness. When you master the art, you’ll truly be a man. That made my day, thanks a lot father.