The Otaku Coin Association will start a proof of concept project of DeFi-like staking!

Today, we will start a proof of concept project of DeFi-like staking.
By staking your Otaku Coins (XOC) you have obtained in the Otaku Coin Official App for a fixed period of time, you will get a chance to win an Axie Infinity NFT and a reward of up to 1,020 XOCs. (You cannot use or move the staked XOCs)

Through this proof of concept, we hope that the Otaku Coin (XOC) users will be able to experience the impact and potential of NFT and blockchain on society by being among the first to experience the DeFi-like system that will…

This blog is an explanation of how to confirm your NFT via the NFT marketplace, OpenSea.

Recently we announced the distribution of our most recent proof-of-concept experiment ‘Anime Production Committee 2.0’ in which we take key scenes from the anime promotional video ‘Otaku Coin World’ and turn them into 777 replica anime scene NFTs with serial numbers.

We have just completed the distribution of the anime scene NFTs to the entrants.

The following is an explanation on how to receive (confirm) your anime scene NFT on the PC.

1. Connect to matic with Metamask

Using the following blog, please connect your MetaMast wallet to Polygon (Matic Mainnet).

If you are already connected to matic, please move on to Step 2.

2. Connect MetaMask to OpenSea and confirm your NFT

While logged…

Again, we have a collection of beautiful artworks! Why not enjoy the auction experience where you can own a one-of-a-kind officially approved fan art?

Today, 10 artworks selected from the 42 entries for the Freelance Creator Support Program Part 2 in which we convert fan art into NFT, sell, and return the profit to the creator with official approval, will be up for auction on the NFT marketplace, Rarible.

The artworks sold at the auction are one and only. There will be only 1 owner for each artwork, and this sale will be the only chance to buy the works on the 1st sale. The auction will be held for a limited period of 3 days, so be sure not to miss this opportunity.

■ Official Derivative Crypto Art Part 2 ‘Tohoku Zunko Sisters’ Details

A “REAL” Otaku Coin!? Get your hands on one today!

From today, we have released the Otaku Coin official sticker as a real version of the 100M Otaku Coins that we have distributed over the past 3 years! The campaign allows users to exchange 1,000 Otaku Coins (XOC) for 10x official stickers. Only for the first 1,000 users for a limited time of 36 hours.

For a limited time, delivery of the official sticker is also free! You can easily exchange your Otaku Coins from the app, so don’t miss out!

A proof-of-concept experiment featuring a special offer campaign to a specific group of NFT owners.

Starting today, we will hold a 3-day limited Otaku Coin (XOC) giveaway for ‘Crypto Spells’ NFT owners! This campaign takes place on BonusQuest.

This campaign includes a QR code on a BonusQuest page that only ‘Cryptospells’ NFT owners can access. Read the QR code using the Otaku Coin Official App, and get your hands on the Otaku Coins (XOC).

■ NFT/Otaku Coin (XOC) Details

‘Crypto Spells’ NFT/ 1,000 Otaku Coins:

*Otaku Coin Official App installment and registration are required to receive the coins.

*This campaign lasts until July 18th, 2021 at 23:59 (JST).

Install the Otaku Coin Official App:



■ About BonusQuest

The last auction marked the highest bid (1ETH = 250K JPY) in Japan!

We at the Otaku Coin Association have opened Part 2 application of derivative works that are based on the Tohoku Area support characters ‘Tohoku Zunko sisters’, Tohoku Zunko, Tohoku Itako, and Tohoku Kiritan. This program is designed to provide creators the opportunity to create a derivative work of the Tohoku Zunko Sisters and sell it as an official NFT.

With the Part 1 sale, we held an auction of ‘Tohoku Zunko sisters’ derivative works. …

This time, the Otaku Coin Association tries a new way of fund-raising!

Today, we at the Otaku Coin Association will distribute the scenes of ‘Otaku Coin World’, an animated promotional video that introduces the concept of Otaku Coin, as NFTs. The original pictures of each scene (key frame), 777 in total, will turn into a ‘Replica Scene’ NFT with a serial number and will be distributed to all applicants.

This project is a pre-proof-of-concept experiment for ‘Anime Production Committee 2.0’, a brand-new method of producing Japanese anime that attracts the world’s attention. The experiment utilizes the blockchain technology known as NFT.

In the case we raise over 1 million Otaku Coins through…

Part 3 sales of the affordable NFT proof-of-concept experiment! Everyone can participate!

During Part 1 of the ‘Replica Otaku Coin’ NFT sales on May 25th, the selection of 100 limited coins with a limit of 1 coin per user, sold out in just 30 minutes! The Part 2 sales also sold out another 100 limited coins on June 25th.

Part 3 of the 10,000 limited ‘Replica Otaku Coin’ NFT collections consists of coins with the serial numbers from R00901 to R01000. The sale starts at 21:30 (JST) today and is priced at 990 JPY (incl. tax). Delivery of the NFTs is planned for late August 2021.

We would like to share the…

Let’s all get together and combine our works to create 1 unique crypto artwork that will become a symbol of spreading the Otaku culture to the world!

‘1 Unique Crypto Artwork’ project, the new project we announced the other day, is now open for applications. This is a project where all applicants from Otaku Coin Fan Club work on a collaborative artwork. Eligible applicants must own an Otaku Coin Fan Club NFT and belong to the Otaku Coin Fan Club Discord.

Otaku Coin Fan Club Discord:

For more information on how to join the fan club Discord, please read the blog post below.

■ Application Requirements

▽Theme: Artworks created under the theme of “spreading Otaku culture to the world”

▽Limit: 1 artwork/applicant (In case of multiple submissions, the latest…

Get your hands on an unsold ‘Otaku Coin Fan Club Membership’ NFT and join the member’s only Discord!

Today, we have launched the free giveaway of Otaku Coin Fan Club Membership NFTs! The campaign is limited to only 36 hours and everyone can get one! Users who already own a membership NFT can also apply.

For current fan club members, use your second membership NFT as a present to your friends and acquaintances and invite them to join the Otaku Coin fan club!

■ Unsold ‘Otaku Coin Fan Club Membership’ NFT Entry Form

* Application Period: Until July 9th, 2021 23:59 (JST)

* ‘Otaku Coin Fan Club Membership’ NFTs are scheduled to be distributed during July 2021.

We have a very special one-and-only project planned for our…

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