Activity Report Vol.23: We’re going to create an illustrated FAQ to help everyone understand the concept in a fun way!

Since some people are having a hard time understanding Otaku Coin’s concept, we’re going to create an illustrated FAQ to help everyone understand the concept in a fun way!

Thank you for your interest in Otaku Coin.

We’ve been wondering how to get more people to understand the concept behind Otaku Coin. It’s been one of our greatest worries.

When people who aren’t familiar with cryptocurrencies such as Otaku Coin (although we call it a community currency) hear about things such as blockchain technology and the many technical terms that go along with the technology, they often have no idea what we’re talking about. The amount of curiosity they have determines whether they continue to follow it or give up. However, there may be a lack of prerequisite information that is influencing them to back away.

Presuming that everyone knows technological jargon and using those terms in our explanations may force people away from our project even faster. People may lose interest and walk away, even though they might have stayed with us and influenced the future of Japanese pop culture, which is expected to dramatically change, if they hadn’t. We think it would be very unfortunate to lose that chance.

We, the Otaku Coin Preparation Committee, don’t want just Otaku Coin users who are interested in cryptocurrencies. We want anime and pop culture fans to understand it, possess it, and use it to vote.

In order to make this a reality, we are going to prepare an educational and illustrated guide entitled “Easy to Understand! Otaku Coin, Community Currencies, and Blockchains.” Whomor Inc, an Otaku Coin Planning Partner, even prepared adorable characters for the guide! From here on, the girls (and one cat) will explain everything you need to know about Otaku Coin. The guide is still being written, but please look forward to its release.