Activity Report Vol.5
Feedback to Otaku Coin concept

We would like to share some of the feedback we have received from around the world

Thank you very much for taking the time to read more about our Otaku Coin project.

In this activity report, we would like to share some of the feedback we have received from around the world since we released the details about Otaku Coin on December 27, 2017.

But first, here is some data about the reactions we have observed.

Three weeks after we began considering the launch of Otaku Coin…

1. Newsletter subscribers: ~9,300 (7,400 outside of Japan, 1,900 within Japan)

2. Facebook group members: ~2,400

3. Registered users on Telegram: ~1,000 (548 in English, 450 in Japanese)

4. Inquiries: ~700 (600 in English, 100 in Japanese)

5. Website traffic: ~47,000 sessions

6. Website accessed from: 156 countries

As shown in the data above, plenty of people in Japan and also around the world have been reacting to Otaku Coin. Based on the feedback we have received, it seems like many fans of Japanese anime/manga/games living in different countries expect Otaku Coin to potentially make a positive difference in the otaku content industry and community. We feel very encouraged by such feedback.

Of course, we have also received critical feedback through Japanese tweets and other forms of indirect communication. We believe this is a result of our lack of clarity and certainty in various aspects of our consideration phase. Because of this, we gratefully accept all the feedback, regardless of whether they are positive or negative.

We will continue to share our ideas for Otaku Coin and updates about our project through this blog, news interviews, and other forms of media. Please continue to contact us regarding your questions, concerns, and feedback, and please also lend us your gracious support.

And now, here is some of the feedback we have received from around the world.

■United States:


I want to participate in Otaku Coin. I am 12 years old and I love anime. I always wanted to go to a convention and share my thoughts on anime with other people. I knew I would have to pay for money, but with Otaku Coin, I would be able to go and share my thoughts with other people!

Translator residing outside of Japan:

If I am a JP>EN translator with a degree in marketing management, how can I best contribute to the project? I would like to use my skills to help further develop this idea!

■Programmer from Brazil:


I’m a Brazilian small entrepreneur who consumes tons of otaku-related content and works in an adjacent industry. Your project really caught my attention; I like the concept you presented and now I’m considering investing not only my time, but perhaps my money and reputation on it.

As a programmer, I know technically how a cryptocurrency works. After reading the website’s content, I got tons of questions to ask.

If you allow me, I’ll start with a single question for now:

“”How much is already implemented?”” (back end? front end?)

Thank you for your time!



I was just wondering how I could maybe participate in the project or help you in any ways. I am not quite sure what skills or help you guys would need. I live in Hungary, can speak Hungarian, German and English, know some SQL and C# and am working as a software tester currently. Oh and I am also a huge anime fan, though nowadays I don’t have that much time to watch all the current shows, so I’m just simply catching up with my “”plan to watch”” list on myanimelist. :) I love the idea of the otaku bitcoin (and the way it helps to promote and support anime and the like) and if I can help in any ways (next to my full-time job that is) then let me know.



I am deeply interested in your project and i would like to see if i could help from the inside.

I have been a guest director for 2 years for an anime convention here in Canada and i’ve meet with an AI Vocaloid team last summer and talked with the president also during my duties as Director.

■Programmer residing outside of Japan:

I see you’re using just another erc20 token, but I think you should look into the newer feeless coins. You could potentially fork RaiBlocks for example which has no fees, no miners, and is incredibly fast. (Or if you put the effort in to develop a way of making tokens from it).

You have a lot of influence which will probably make the token work in the short term, but it probably won’t work as a payment solution in the long term vs feeless coins.

■Japan (seeking volunteer opportunity):

I am very interested in this project of yours. Although I cannot join as a company, could I help out at night or on the weekend?

■Japan (manager):

Hello. My name is ○○, and I am a manga artist currently working on a manga that features cryptocurrencies. I am writing to ask whether or not I could help out with your project.

I was intrigued by your plan for a cryptocurrency designed specifically for the otaku genre. Although fundraising through the establishment of anime production committees is the norm in anime production, if fundraising was possible through cryptocurrencies, I believe the same scheme could also apply to manga production. I hope to be able to offer my assistance.

■Japanese company (interested in joining the Otaku Coin Preparation Committee):

We are interested in joining the Otaku Coin Preparation Committee. Please tell us more about your project.

That is just a fraction of the feedback we have received.

We will post updates on this blog once they become available.

If you would like to contact us, please join our Facebook group or offer your feedback through Telegram.

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