Activity Report Vol.20: The Otaku Coin Concept Presentation was featured in various media outlets!

Highly Anticipated! Media Exposure

We would like to thank everyone who attended the Otaku Coin Concept Presentation held on May 9, 2018 (JST). The presentation was successful, and we were able to gain a great response. Here are a few of the websites that introduced the presentation:

Tokyo Shimbun / Cryptocurrency “Otaku Coin” Issues Concept: The Promotion of Japanese Culture

NIKKEI Newspaper Online / Tokyo Otaku Mode: Voting with Cryptocurrency to Support Anime Production

KYODO NEWS / Cryptocurrency “Otaku Coin” to be Issued, Aimed Towards the Promotion of Japanese Culture

TV Asahi News / “Otaku Coin,” a Cryptocurrency Aimed Towards Otaku All Over the World

GAME Watch / “Otaku Coin” Concept Presentation Report: A Community Currency that Directly Reflects Fans’ Intents

ITmedia NEWS / About “Otaku Coin,” a Cryptocurrency for the Otaku Industry: “No ICO Scheduled”

ORICON NEWS / Otaku Coin will be Distributed for Free when Issued, Voting Rights to Support Projects will be Granted

NIKKEIxTECH / “Otaku Coin” will be Distributed for Free, A Concept Presentation from the Preparation Committee

Coin7 / Otaku Coin Concept Paper Unveiled, No ICO Scheduled and Tokens will be Distributed for Free

Morning Star / Cryptocurrency “Otaku Coin” Scheduled to be Distributed for Free at the Beginning

Cointelegraph / Promotion of the Otaku Industry Using a Cryptocurrency with Voting Function, Animation Production Costs to be Given to Candidates with High Votes

More than 100 media outlets have shown massive attention to Otaku Coin. Otaku Coin will continue to strive without disappointing those who have supported us. Thank you very much for your support.

Thank you for attending the event day despite the unfavorable weather. We apologize for the discomfort we may have caused due to cramming everyone into a small venue. We did have the air conditioner operating to its maximum extent, but there may have been those who felt the room was too hot. We deeply apologize for this.

We would like to thank everyone who became interested in Otaku Coin as well as everyone who has sent us their opinions and comments on Twitter and other social media. We would like to use the feedback from every single one of you as reference for the further evolution and future of Otaku Coin. We look through every single comment with gratitude. Please feel free to share your opinions with us from now on.