Are you really asking me to measure the suffering ? :|
Suhaas Kaul

All things have graded levels of value. Insurance is built upon people being able to attach various dollar amounts to various incidents that befall people. It’s a science. All things that exist can be measured. That’s a fact. Suffering hasn’t been metricized officially, but it could be. Karma is basically a metric system of suffering. The suffering you cause will eventually be caused to you and the suffering you ease will eventually ease you.

Fairness/cheating: rendering justice according to shared rules. (Alternate name: Proportionality) Liberty/oppression: the loathing of tyranny. Karma abides by both. Also, I’m tired of text drop happening every so often as I post and article. Its a side thing from the topic, but sometimes I notice when I post, text is randomly dropped like my app forgot to save some of the text. It’s super annoying. Now I will have to take time editing text back in or wait to say it again in another post.

Also, it’s easy and logical to compare suffering. The statement all suffering is equal is easily falsifiable. Being stung by a jellyfish is obviously worse than getting your tongue burnt. In fact, there is a whole Would You Rather game based on comparing types of suffering online four fun literally.

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