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An LGBT alliance behind Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party would be a best case scenario for this election. The Libertarian Party has the Outright Libertarians, it’s LGBT caucus and wing. I’m personally pamsexual and genderfluid/genderqueer though I don’t wear it on my sleeve due to laziness so I look like a cisgender male. The Libertarian Party is the most socially tolerant, accepting, supporting, apreciating, admiring, and nurturing party in general and in LGBT rights in specific. The Non Aggression Principle is very useful to LGBT people and their rights. It should be something we all know backwards, forwards, by memory, and in detail. It is the backbone of libertarians, the Libertarian Party, and LGBT empowerment. The Libertarian Party is the Party of Principle and LGBT empowerment is one such principle it exposes. LGBT individuals are individuals like everyone else. LGBT individuals and their rights extent beyond traditionally LGBT rights to thing like drugs and guns. We should have the freedom to marry and live our lives while having the freedom to grow, buy, sale, possess, and transport marijuana while defending our life, life, property, and pursuit of happiness with gun which we have the freedom to keep and bear. That is the Libertarian vision of LGBT rights in a nutshell, but goes into lots of philosophical complexities with all types of livery and freedom to ever list possibly. While the Republican Party is anti-LGBT and the Democrats have just recently started caring about us, the Libertarian Party has a consistent track record since 1971 of being pro-LGBT. The Libertarian vision provides an LGBT framework for utopia basically based on individual freedom, individual liberty, and individual rights. I’m disappointed that Caitlyn Jenner felt the need to stay within to two party system which forced her to choose between the current slate of Democrats and Republicans which led her to pick Ted Cruz as her preferred candidate. Ted Cruz is super cringe worthy as any Libertarian would tell you. Lots of Republicans are just like him. There are exceptions like like libertarian Republicans like Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Justin Amash, Gary Palmer, etc, but they are the exception to the rule. They never manage to get the nomination for the Presidency as Republican primary voters oppose them mostly. Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party is the natural home for LGBT people and their concerns. We need acceptance and the right to privacy that comes with being seen as individuals first. The Libertarian Party is socially accepting and fiscally responsible as Gary Johnson himself sums up. We need the support of a party committed to safeguarding our freedom, liberty, and rights. The Libertarian Party is committed to supporting the freedom, liberty, and rights of all individuals especially LGBT ones. We need to be admired as the strong individuals that we are. The Libertarian Party is the party of the strength of the individual, especially the LGBT individual. We needs to be appreciated as an intricate part of the web that is society. The Libertarian Party is the party of diverse imdivudality. We need the nurturance of being seen as indispensable. The Libertarian Party views LGBT individuals as being indispensable to society. Our freedom, liberty, and rights are best respected by and best put in the trust of the Libertarian Party.

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