Trump, Modi, And The Fate Of The Two Biggest Democracies In The World
Arjun Raj

Arjun Raj. Have you heard about the Hindus for Trump organization?

So, there is more of a connection between Modi and Trump.

Congress has 11/16 elections in India, while BJP and it predecessor parties like the Janata Alliance after the Emergency have won the other 5/16 elections. I also brought up President’s rule because it historical use and imposition on state governments of other parties especially Communist run ones.

Kerala, Tripura, West Bengal, and some other states are the strongholds of the above parties. They have never been governing parties nationwide in India as well as President’s rule being invoked a lot historically in their stronghold states. Moral police article has a section on Valentine’s Day and how the CPIM’s youth wing supports Valentine’s Day and inter-caste marriage. While INC and BJP have had lots of time governing India, lots of factors have prevented the above parties and the rest of the Left Front from governing India or even the states that they are strong in.

I don’t remember which article listed the parties that wanted to repeal Section 377, but I remember the new AAP supporting its repeal, the CPIM and the Left Front also supporting its repeal, and some within the INC supporting it repeal. The INC did have all that time running an Independent India to do so, but never did. The AAP is too young a party to have any influence in Indian politics yet. The CPIM also hasn’t built up enough influence due to the Cold War which ended in 1992. The CPI used to be bigger, but the CPIM split shrunk its influence.

I found the above link on LGBT rights planks in party manifestos/platforms.

During the 2014 election season, CPIM, INC, and AAP had such manifestos for their parties.

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