Gary Johnson’s 300 word essay message to all Americans on why he should be President, a Libertarian, rather than Hillary Clinton, or any Democrat, and/or Donald Trump, or any Republican

Gary Johnson recently wrote a 300 word essay for LP News that all Americans should read.

The American people are fed up with politicians, both Republican and Democrat, who are determined to replace liberty with government overreach, control, and intrusion into our daily lives. The United States was founded on a rejection of warrantless searches, oppressive taxation, and government interference with free exercise of speech, religion, and personal choices. America needs a President who will push back against the growth of government, and mean it. That begins with proposing a federal budget that doesn’t spend more than it takes in, and using the veto pen to enforce it if necessary. Government spends too much because it does too much, and it does too much because career politicians are in control. We need term limits to limit politicians’ power and greed. America needs a President whose idea of national security isn’t to spy on American citizens and pry into their personal lives without warrants or due process. The failed War on Drugs needs to end, along with surveillance, in recreation rate, and needless prosectuion it has given us. And we need leaders whose idea of immigration reform consists of something more thoughtful, and effective, than building bigger walls, imposing unconstitutional religious tests, and militarizing our borders. The two “major” parties have become slightly different shades of the same big government, big debt, and ineffective status quo. I am convinced that Americans are ready to send to Washington DC, a message and break up the political duopoly. Liberty and freedom to succeed are the real American values, and I’m running for President to restore those values, make America genuinely safe, and put an end to a tired status quo that has given us nothing but debt, less freedom and an omnipotent state.

This is why Gary Johnson and all Libertarian Party candidates down ballot deserve the vote of every American who sees even one Libertarian candidate on their ballot. I can’t emphasize enough how America needs to cut is military spending.

Like, share, comment, and subscribe with the YouTube videos, please. They are great ads for why ever American with an axe to grind with the two major parties, Democrats and Republicans, and likely candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, should vote Libertarian.

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