Gary Johnson statement on recent events (Charlottsville)

MY STATEMENT ON CHARLOTTESVILLE: Racism killed people in Charlottesville this weekend. That is as un-American as it gets. In the nation our Founders created, even a tiny minority of vile and repugnant ‘demonstrators’ enjoys the right to express racist white-supremacist evil. BUT, the rest of us — the overwhelming majority — have the right, and I believe, the obligation, to condemn racism of every form. And when racist hate becomes violence and murder, we must respond with nothing less than the full force of the law.

The quote above is from his Facebook page. It’s a what could have been, because he did run for President as well as the various Republican Senators like Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, etc who ran in the Republican primary. They all released statements on this way more substantive than did Donald Trump who won the Republican nomination as well as the general election.

I personally voted for Gary Johnson as well as straight Libertarian. Due to the Libertarian Party being a third party, I didn’t cast a full slate of votes because I didn’t feel like voting for any Republicans whatsoever because of Donald Trump being on the head of the Republican slate. Voting machines here have a full party option with one touch, so I pushed the Libertarian Party button.

I was Never Trump, which is why I voted for Ted Cruz in the Republican primary. Unfortunately, Republican primary voters overwhelming voted for Trump killing the campaigns of any other Republicans still in the race. My state (Indiana) is never a decider because it’s so late in the year usually. This time, it was the straw the broke the Never Trump camel’s back Republican primary wise.

These events are the dark vindication of all the Never Trump warnings. If only more Trump voters had switched over to voting for Evan McMullin, Gary Johnson, or anyone else instead.

Basically, any President other than this one would have lead to a better timeline than OTL (our timeline). Now, the Yellow Revolution timeline (yellow state landslide victory for the Libertarian Party) seems like an extremely good timeline and ours the nightmare MAGA bad end!


“I have always found it to be more productive to talk about solutions, rather than blame. There is almost always plenty of blame to go around, and in the case of the violence and murder in Charlottesville, that obviously begins with the thugs who came to town looking for a fight. Murder is murder, and I hope that anyone who contributed to the death and injury that occurred gets the punishment they deserve.
As for the rest of us, it’s just too easy for us to take comfort in the fact that the vast majority of Americans aren’t racists, and that we all condemn the white supremacists who showed up in Charlottesville.
That cannot be the end of the story…”
Read on and let me know your thoughts below.
Via The Jack News.

Link is a good read, and very necessary to read and share in light of recent events.

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