Is Neoliberal Capitalism God’s Gift to Humanity?
Joe Brewer

Holistic Politics uses two dimensional charts to define liberty versus tyranny, equality versus aristocracy, nature versus artifice, prosperity versus proverry, and maybe other stuff in future charts.

The above show the site’s position on it own chart favoring liberty, equality, nature, and prosperity. The series of essays on the sites explain all the positions of it versus standard left, right, and libertarians who differ from Holistic Politics on various issues. I’m a standard libertarian who disagrees with Holistic Politics, but find the charts useful.

For humor: God’s gift to humanity? Don’t you know the biggest free market philosopher was an atheist, Ayn Rand?

Left versus Right politics is a would you rather game according to Holistic Politics. Would you rather have Liberty (and Aristocracy) or Equality (and Tyranny)? Would you rather have Prosperity (and Artifice) or Nature (and Poverty)? Examples of word clouds from figures show that Barry Goldwater valued Liberty over 17 times as much as Equality (Barry Goldwater goes in Liberty and Aristocracy quadrant), Vladimir Lenin valued Equality over 17 times as much a Liberty (Vladimir Lenin goes in the Equality and Tyranny quadrant), and Adolf Hitler valued both concepts with equal disdain (Adolf Hitler is in the Aristocracy and Tyranny quadrant).

Different ideologies value different things to different degrees as shown by MFT and it charts.

Joe Brewer where are you on the chart? What do you think of Henry George, Georgism, and the LVT? Can you read all the essays on Holistic Politics and get back with a summary of them all or at least read a few?