Gender traitors
LynnMarie Lindl

I hate Donald Trump and the Republican Party. I have never voted for a Republican since 2006 when I stopped voting for any Republican ever! I have voted consistently Libertarian since 2006 with no votes for either Democrats or Republicans, even if it meant not voting for any person for a position where no Libertarian was running.

Your post does ignore the ideological component of various females. Females can support any ideology on the political spectrum. As an Individualist and Libertarian, I know many females who share my ideology. The Libertarian Party is the most pro-choice political party after all. Camille Paglia, Wendy McElroy, Virginia Postrel, and various others are I Feminists (Individualist/Libertarian Feminists in short term by just the letter I) that I have read and know about. Individualists and Libertarians believe in the Non-Aggression Principle and the Pro-Empowerment Principle. No one should be oppressed and everyone should be empowered. That is what it means to be an Individualist and a Libertarian. Also, having different positions than you on minimum wage or healthcare doesn’t make anyone anti female, considering their political ideology and views on government. Minimum wage laws prevent female employment by making it harder for females to get jobs. Government healthcare is bad as the free market helps females. Also, female is more PC than women as a term to use.

Side note: On social media, I use my birth name, but am genderqueer genderfluid and pansexual who prefers the they pronoun as shown on my Facebook profile.

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