Interdependence and Emptiness
Arin Basu

Interesting, but have you read any of the longer Prajnaparamita texts. I have read both the Heart and Diamond sutras as well as lots of other Mahayana sutras, but have wanted to read the longer Prajnaparamita texts, but have read anything longer than some excerpts from the Perfection of Wisdom in 700 lines or even longer ones, but I can’t remember if I have.

I’m more familiar with the linked sutras, especially the Lotus Sutra. I’m also a student of Tiantai/Tendai Buddhist philosophy that sees Prajnaparamita/Chan/Seon/Thien/Zen philosophy as well as Avatamsaka/Huaywan/Hwaom/Kegon philosophy as incomplete aspects of the Lotus/Tiantai/Cheonte/Tendai philsophy. One philosophy takes emptiness as the truth, the second negates that, and the third takes a third option as better explained on the Tiantai article.

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