What Kind of Black Are You?
Joel Leon.

Interesting question. I thank you for asking it. I’m the kind of black who is an individual, an Individualist, a Libertarian, a Libertarian Party member, a Gary Johnson 2016 supporter, an otaku, a manga reader, an anime watcher, a hentai watcher, a JPOP/JROCK listener, a cosplayer, a crossplayer, a Japanese cuisine eater, a pansexual (bisexual without gender binary in attraction, genderfluid/genderqueer (a cisgender male looking person who feel gender is a social construct), a fan of EGL (elegant gothic lolita), a gamer, an activist, an individual who doesn’t ignore stuff that aren’t “black” as mentioned previously (like say Paganism or Goth culture), a Buddhist, a Mahayana Buddhist, a Nichiren Buddhist, a Soka Gakkai International member, an individual who is tired of hearing other blacks who say “be more black”, a pacifist, an LGBT rights suporter, a capital punishment/death penalty abolitionist, a drug legalization suporter, an abortion rights to choose supporter, an immigration rights supporter, a supporter of immigrant rights, a non-interventionist, a supporter of free speech, a supporter of campaign finance, a gun rights supporter, a FairTax supporter, a supporter of proportional taxation, a supporter of instant runoff voting, a supporter of the repeal of all victimless crime laws, an ardent Non Aggression Principle supporter, a fan of Whole Foods Market, a tea drinker, a coffee drinker, an energy drink drinker, etc. I have included as much as I could possibly list in this time of all that makes me a black individual!

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