Why It’s Vital That Blacks Vote In Force In The November 2016 Elections
Geo Gee On Medium

It is my ideal that 100% of eligible black get registered to vote. It is my ideal that 100% of registered black voters go out and vote. It is my ideal that 100% of black voters vote that same as a block. This is my dream ideal in response to it being vital that blacks voter in force in this and all future elections, even midterms and off years. We should (I’m black too, but don’t have a photo of myself on my account pic right now it’s a symbol) all vote on a yearly basis. I repudiate the two major parties (Democrats and Republicans) for failing the black vote. We are in need of the Non Aggression Principle in ethics, morality, philosophy, and politics. The Libertarian Party is the best party for us. We are among various groups who will be empowered by the Libertarian Party like the individual, LGBT individuals, female individuals, Hispanic individuals, Asian indiviudals, Black individuals, Native individuals, multiple race indivudals, etc. In 2016, we have the opportunity to all vote for the Libertarian Party and Gary Johnson as well as all down ticked candidates on the ballot. We need to Be Libertarian With Him! Live Free!

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