Libertarian Party candidate Kerry Douglas McKennon is the only openly LGBT person running for Vice President now

Check out the Outright Libertarians website and social media on Facebook, Twitter, etc for all of the details. The Libertarian National Convention in May26–30 in Orlando, Florida will officially nominate the candidates for President and Vice President. The ticket could be Gary Johnson (or John McAfee or Austin Petersen or whomever else which is unlikely as they are the top three) and Kerry Douglas McKennon. Just think of an openly LGBT Vice President. It would be a historic first for LGBT people. Eight years later, it would become the Presidency contingent upon reelection to a second term leading to a successful run after that.

As an LGBT individual, I endorse Kerry Douglas McKennon for Vice President and his eventual Libertarian running mate for President. I’m bisexual/pansexual (no P in LGBT, but it describes me better) and genderqueer and genderfluid and prefer the pronoun they to people who I am out too. Right pronouns are serious business with me. I do use my birth name on social media, but haven’t thought of a gender neutral epicene name yet.

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