Nationalism and Racism are Sickness (from the Facebook page of Nicholas Sarwark, LNC Chair)

Nicholas Sarwark was feeling sad.
August 12 at 8:05pm · Phoenix, AZ
I have dedicated my life to defending individual freedom. Freedom to make good choices or bad choices. Freedom to say kind things or hurtful things. Freedom to pursue happiness anyway you choose as long as you don’t hurt other people and don’t take their stuff.
America was built on the principle that Dr. Cornel West and Richard Spencer both have a right to say what they believe and advocate their views without any prohibition from government. Muslims and anti-Shariah protesters in Dearborn share the same sacred right to speak, even if their speech is hateful.
What nobody has the right to do is engage in violence when their ideas fail. Nobody has a right to drive a Dodge Challenger into a crowd of protesters, injuring many and killing one. Nobody has a right to run into a crowd of protesters and beat them with sticks and clubs. Nobody has a right to, as the saying on Twitter goes, “punch a Nazi” who hasn’t thrown the first punch.
Nationalism and racism is a sickness that flows from weakness and lack of anything other than the privilege of birth to be proud of. It’s pathetic and it’s anti-Libertarian. I want nothing to do with it or its advocates.
Violence will not end violence. In the marketplace of ideas, the stronger ideas win.
All freedoms, for all people, all of the time. That’s what I believe in. That’s what the Libertarian Party stands for.
We extend our deepest condolences to the friends and family of the woman killed in Charlottesville and all those impacted by the violence in Virginia.
Yours in liberty,
Nicholas Sarwark
Chairman, Libertarian National Committee

Together we can end nationalism and racism!

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