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Never let Donald J. Trump be President! I swear never to vote for Trump and everyone else in the Never Trump movement is doing likewise. What does this mean though for each of us? Are we staying home on Election Day? Are we voting third party? I’m doing the latter! Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party is my anti-Trump!

We the People are sick and tired of politicians of both parties, whether Democratic or Republicans, who undermine our freedom and liberty all time time with every single scheme they come up with. They regulate all aspects of our lives, spy on us, manipulate us, and do all types of unethical stuff especially lying to us about it. The Founding Father didn’t have this vision for America. In fact, the Founding Father opposed this in what the British Empire was doing to colonial America. The Bill of Rights was a mechanism to prevent America from going down that road. Politicians don’t respect the Bill of Rights. They pay it lip service, but violate its spirit all the time. We the People are sick and tired of all of this and the current establishment.

America needs to push back against this. We need politicians who will do likewise. We need a President who will do likewise. We need to balance the budget to reign in government and politicians. We also need term limits. Without career politicians doing stuff to buy reelction, we will have polticians who can’t buy reelection with their laws due to term limits. This will get rid of all the wasteful spending that was only for election purposes and didn’t do any good for America, but in fact harmed America. Also, a President committed to a balance budget who will veto all bad budgets is needed also. No more greedy power hungry career politicians will exist once these reforms kick in.

We also need to stop the spying in the name of national security. National security is the cause of national insecurity. National security subverts itself by causes more problems which leads to more spying to more problems to more spying… We need a President who will stop this insane cycle of insanity in national scecurty. We also need to end the War on Drugs, mass incarceration, and laws against victimless crimes. They too feed into the national security industrial complex.

Tear down all the walls keep immigrant out of America. We need real immigration reform that makes it easier for people to immigrate. We need thoughtfulness and effectiveness in our immigration policy. We need amnesty. We need a simple path to citizenship. We need to demilitarize the borders. We need to specify that using religion as an immigration qualification is unconstitutional as well as the worst idea ever.

Freedom and liberty require this Yellow Libertarian Revolution! America needs a color revolution like various countries around the world have done before. This will be a bloodless peaceful Revolution at the ballot box.

You may be wondering who is this candidate that can do all this? It’s Gary Johnson! Be Libertarian With Me/Us! He supports the above platform with the Libertarian Party! It’s the same only logical and sane choice for America!

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