Alright, you Millennials: I’m going to let you have it
Duncan McLean

No, the biggest problem in the world is government! Government is public enemy number one! Socialism is a discredited ideology via the fall of the Soviet Union. Millennials are right to stand up for individuals rights, liberties, and freedom. A self righteous Gen Xer who is borderline on the line dividing Gen X from Millenials who doesn’t even understand economics at all won’t change it.

The world needs to abide by the NAP, non aggression principle. It’s the philosophical backbone of libertarianism. Millennials who haven’t even heard of it will describe the ideal world and inner compass as something simmilar. Individuals (or groups) should use aggression or coercion except in defense against aggression or coercion. It’s common sense and logical.

It’s the role of government to be small enough to make all individuals and groups abide by the NAP as defined above. Freedom and liberty create individuals who don’t needs government interfering with the lives or the lives of others in their names. The government should stick to its duty of making sure individuals are free of coercion and have their negative rights and negative liberties intact and respected. Also, laws against victimless crimes should be abolished. Each individual should be allowed to start their own business, gives their money to charity, and defend themselves, others, or their property if they want to. There shouldn’t be power hungers bureaucrats, evangelizing meddling morality police who want to run people lives, or social justice warrior who want government to take money from others to give to others instead of them themselves helping other people.

Millennials feel good about themselves, but other generations criticize their self-esteem. The do lots of good in the world and are involved more than ever in making the world a better place, but older generations have nothing but criticism.

I have been speaking to imperially previously. I’m a millennial. I was born October 20, 1988. This leaves without a doubt what generation I am and what math I used to calculate it.

Back to government for why it is problem one. Around the world it jails and even executes people for being LGBT, possessing banned substance like THC/Marijuana, trying to defend oneself, moving across borders, speaking out about politics, refusing to kill/join armed forces, deciding whether or not to get or stay pregnant or not, protesting a government decision, run into conflict with a government official for no reason of their own, refusing to give a bribe, dressing in a way someone doesn’t like, showing too little skin when there are covering bans, showing too much skin when there are indecency bans, breastfeeding, converting to another religion, preaching when there are said conversion bans, making a living in a disliked and banned profession like sex industry workers as an example, being in an unmarried relationship, having an affair, singing a petition, belonging to an opposition political party in a one party state, etc……. I could go on and on with examples, but you get the picture. Government obviously is the number one cause of unhappiness and unsafety in the world.

Millennials tell other generations that you have had enough of their ideas being pushed on you on what you should be about or rather we should stop them from pushing their ideas on us (as I’m a fellow Millennial myself). Millennials for liberty and individuality, live and stand up to the other generations. Also, organize voluntary organizations so people can be less dependent on government. Help each other to be self reliant. Don’t bully people or tell them what to do like the older generations do to us. Maybe even join various groups and communities, donate money, and advocate for various causes. Always let the NAP guide you on what tactics are acceptable to use or not.

I really hope this rant isn’t too long a read, but I just had to get off my chest my two cents due to a certain Gen Xer whose name I already forgot advocating big government and socialism on Millenials. Let’s make the world a better place and prove him wrong in the process. Let’s showcase our individuality proudly. Let’s be as eccentric as we want to be or as freakish as we want to be without the opinions of other generations affecting us.

In this year we have a choice of the fascist Donald Trump, the diet fascist “bring them to hell” Hillary Clinton, and the libertarian Libertarian Gary Johnson. You can tell who is most deserving of the Millennial vote. Cough its cough Gary cough Johnson cough. It definitely isn’t the commie Comrade Bernie Sanders!

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