Obviously, I am including “any of the other 8 3rd-party candidates” when I say “a Nader vote” in…
Sara Lynn Michener

People focused way too much on Florida back in the 2000 election. Even if Al Gore had lost the swing state of Florida, he only lost by 4 electoral votes 271–267. If Al Gore had won his home state of Tennessee, even if it is a red state, he would have won the Presidency. Home state can overrule the color of a state. Also, people ignore the fact that Al Gore lost New Hampshire. New Hampshire is almost universally blue state in Presidential elections, but Al Gore still lost it. New Hampshire wasn’t even a swing state during that election. It was considered safe blue if I remember correctly, but George Bush pulled off a miracle win there. So the election was actually decided my New Hampshire and Tennessee rather than Florida, but Florida got all the press as anyways.

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