Wait, I’m Not Allowed to Get Married
Angelica Cruz

Regardless of the major party nominations, I will still vote Libertarian Party. I’m not a single issue votes, but a complete Individualist and Libertarian. I’m also LGBT and staunchly support LGBT rights.

According to I Side With, I side 85–100% with the Libertarian Presidential candidates (five of them linked above) and the Libertarian Party.

Angelica Cruz I’m looking for more people to join the Libertarian Party and Libertarian movement all the time. I hope all of the above info is useful for you.

These are all the past Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates of the Libertarian Party. Gary Johnson is running now, so I listed him earlier before this list. I listed the Presidnetial candidates in chronological order, then the Vice Presidential candidates with repeats removed.

Honorable mentions and the primaries for the Libertarian race are also good info.

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