Science of Mind has me thinking about LGBT and religion (I’m Buddhist, Mahayana Buddhist, Nichiren Buddhist, Soka Gakkai International to be specific and LGBT)

Yes, I read Science of Mind magazine (linked above) articles. I recommend you read all the available arrives are background for my article. There are lots of religion and sexuality articles, specifically LGBT related articles. I also gave a shout-out to Profoundly Human and Jake Sasseville since one of his articles appeared in Science of Mind.

All the above links are pre-requisite reading for people, as well as a refresher for people, who aren’t experts on the issue. So, I was reading Science of Mind (linked at the top) and I decided to write on the subject.

The above links deal with my religion and its relationship to this issue. I will write about it a lot in this writing here.

I could go on and on with articles on Buddhism in specific countries, but I linked the above ones as examples.

LGBT people are considering wether or not they can stay in their current religions as open, out, and proud LGBT people or if they have to apostatize for their own well being and the LGBT-phobia in their religious community. This happens a lot as the list of LGBT-affirming religious groups is rather short. Buddhism is on the LGBT-affirming list. So is Unitarian Universalism, Paganism, Eckankar, Raëlism, Ethical Culture Movement, Humanism, Flying Spaghetti Monster, Religious Science/Science of Mind, etc.

Just Do It

The SGI community is one where LGBT are welcome, can feel loved, can fell lovable, can be who they are, can feel whole, can be open/out/proud, and can be affirmed.

That is the website where you can find all the info you may ever need about SGI. If you are LGBT, I recommend especially for you to read everything there and watch all the videos and listen to all the audio.


Unlike other religions, there are no anti-LGBT passages in sutras to clobber LGBT people with. There is no proclaiming LGBT to be a sin, a mental illness, a spiritual disease, disordered, against nature, or any of the other things people of other religions like to toss at LGBT people.

LGBT people are people. People are sentient beings. All sentient beings are on the path to enlightenment and becoming enlightened beings. LGBT status doesn’t interfere with that in any way, shape, or form.

The section on Manjushri in Japan and his relationship to nanshoku (homosexuality) shows LGBT people can be bodhisattvas and all type of enlightened beings.

Being LGBT doesn’t hinder a person from having and making good karma or becoming enlightened in any way, shape, or form.

LGBT status

All of the above are encompassed by the umbrella term LGBT, but other letters are added sometimes.


Lots of religious groups like Chasidic Judaism, Orthodox Judaism, Orthodox Christianity, Catholicism, Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Holiness Movement, Adventism, Pentecostalism, Evangelicalism, Non-Denominationalism, Islam, Sikhism, and the Baha’i Faith are all on the LGBT-rejecting side. They have doubled down and entrenched in there positions. Likelihood of these groups evolving on this are none and attempts at getting that change are futile.

The world needs LGBT people to take a stand by only affording religious groups that affirm them like Buddhism as an example. It’s a mathematical numbers game. If LGBT-rejecting laws politics are strengthened by passive membership in the religious groups they are done in the name of, they are weakened by conversion to LGBT-affirming religious groups like Buddhism. Just imagine the 1–20% of people in a country converting to Buddhism over LGBT issues and the butterfly effects that will have on LGBT rights, politics, and policies.

The world needs LGBT people to be SGI members who will be Bodhisattvas of the Earth bringing about kosen-rufu. LGBT people and all people have a place at the table that is Buddha’s and Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism in the SGI community. SGI is a community of love and unity for LGBT people.

Problems in Society

LGBT-phobia may be blatant or it may come cloaked in rhetoric of loving LGBT people, having LGBT family/friends/colleagues, but opposing LGBT rights in the name of religious freedom/liberty, religion, LGBT being a mental defect/illness, morality, society needing LGBT people to stay in the closet and be celibate for the sake of society, or any other excuse for LGBT-phobia. If all LGBT people and their allies converted to an LGBT-affirming religious group (like Buddhism which I have mentioned all throughout here), the power of the arguments against LGBT rights would cease. If you are an LGBT-affirming individual in a LGBT-rejecting religion by being counted as a member, you give power by numbers to LGBT-rejecting religion and politics. When LGBT-rejecting religious groups go before governments proposing opposition to LGBT rights, they brag about the numbers of followers they have to bolster their arguments.

I’m focusing on Japan, Oceania, the Americas, and Europe, so basically Japan and Western countries. Every single time a politician opposes LGBT rights, it’s done in the name of an LGBT-rejecting religious group. Why is Australia, various countries in Latin America, and various countries in Europe still lack various LGBT rights? It’s because of religious lobbying on behalf of LGBT-rejecting religious groups. Politicians take notice of where religious groups officially stand on LGBT rights and mathematically count the followers of each religious group via demographics and voting constituencies.

LGBT-affirming people who belong to LGBT-rejecting religious groups are a problem for representative democracy. Representatives estimate support for LGBT rights based on religious demographics, but if there were a plebiscite or referendum, the numbers don’t match up with religious demographics.

Final Appeal

The above articles on eschatology give a sense of urgency I will leave things on. We needs more Bodhisattvas of the Earth!